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Community. Overnight, it seemingly vanished. 2020—the year we were stripped of the ability to experience the fundamental, emotional, and cultural connection that fuels human inspiration, growth, exploration. The year that robbed the world of the license to innately feel. Simply, feel. In this inaugural issue of The Canvas, we examine the critical roles of those who proactively engaged with global, national, and local communities despite the unprecedented challenges 2020 unleashed. We celebrate the art fair creating a new, radical online platform connecting digital artists with collectors. The Canvas pays tribute to the painter who is building a network of artists and creatives. We highlight the architectural practice virtually teaching from across the world as well as the design agency in Los Angeles forming a local ecosystem of vendors during the pandemic. 2020 made clear community is both the fuel and the vehicle for driving us to new horizons. There is also a sensation of physically feeling that we lost in 2020, whether it’s sharing a hug between friends or the soul-nourishing warmth of traditional family gatherings. The freedom of leafing through pages of a book in a library or flipping through a brochure at an art gallery was taken from us. This shared longing for feeling, touching, and connecting made the decision to create a print version of this issue, in addition to digital, an easy one. The tactile experience of paper only magnifies the missed sensation, the loss of feeling, most are yearning for these days. A silver lining? In our modern age of lightning-warp speed, 2020 seems to have reminded us of the need to slow down. This slowness enabled us to re-examine what processes, practices, and even relationships were sustainable. So please, slow down, grab a coffee, and feel the paper. - Taylor Loutsis

Table of Contents

  • Proof of Concept™, Design Agency


    Proof of Concept™, Design Agency

    PRÁCTICA, Architecture + Design

  • Design For Six Feet, Urban Planning

    Public Space

    Design For Six Feet, Urban Planning

  • Organizations

    Art Start, Art as Therapy

    CADAF, Digital art House

  • Ian Reagan, Brand Strategist, 2x4


    Ian Reagan, Brand Strategist, 2x4

    Charlie Gaillard, Researcher + Strategist, Harvard GSD

    Jaad Asante, Film Executive

  • Minku Kim, Painter

    Greg Gazdowicz, Typography Designer


    Minku Kim, Painter

    Greg Gazdowicz, Typography Designer

    Makeda Sandford, Photographer

Issue 1.0 Community

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The Canvas is an annual print and digital collection of articles, interviews, thought pieces, and art—a convergence of industries through a unified, singular concept per issue, ultimately driven to form and strengthen community.


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